The Roots of  Connection

Whether it’s forming new relationships or strengthening existing ones, our wines are made to be shared with the ones you love most. From celebrating momentous occasions with friends and family to reconnecting with former colleagues, Root: 1 brings people together to create memorable experiences, no matter the occasion.

Proudly sourced from estate vineyards located across the best appellations to achieve the ultimate expression for each varietal, our wines are unmatched in quality and taste. Taste the pure essence of Chile’s incomparable viticulture.

The Winemaker

Sergio Hormazábal

  • Head Winemaker Sergio Hormazábal joined the Root: 1 team in 2009, bringing not only a passion for wine but also an extensive resume that includes time at wineries across France, Northern Italy, and Portugal. With an impressive cache of skills, he now uses that experience to help propel Root: 1 to continue its longstanding tradition of excellence.
  • Sergio’s enthusiasm for all things wine continues to fuel his desire to learn, explore, and advocate for his fellow producers. Above all, he’s a dedicated fan of red wine: “I love Cabernet with style and personality, mature Carmenère with typicity, and Syrah from all types of climates. I also like to try different vines and blends whenever I have the chance.”

The Geography

  • Chile’s long, narrow shape may look unassuming on a map, but within those 291,933 square miles sits several premium wine-growing regions that produce some of the most interesting wines in the world.
  • The climate is diverse as is the terroir: Head north and you’ll find hot, dry conditions; travel to the south and you’ll find a cooler climate and wetter soil. With the hefty influence of the Andes and coastal air currents, there is an ample temperature swing from day to night, resulting in wines with freshness and balance.
  • Root: 1 sources its grapes from the key appellations of Colchagua Valley, Maipo Valley, and Casablanca Valley, providing the authentic varietal expressions synonymous with Root: 1.

Sustainable Viticulture

  • Root: 1 wines are certified sustainable through several agricultural production control boards, including Wines of Chile, and in accordance with the Clean Production Agreement (CPL).
  • Our vineyards were the first to be certified 100% sustainable by Wines of Chile, and we’re the first winery in the nation to adopt carbon offset measures.
  • By utilizing sustainable techniques to manage vine growth, provide proper irrigation, resist disease and pest infestation, and honor the unique attributes of each site, we’re guaranteeing not only the quality of our product but also the longevity and health of the land around us and the community that makes our vineyards possible.