A Vibrant Blend

Our Cabernet Sauvignon serves as the anchor for our Heritage Red, providing body and a firm foundation. Next comes Carmenère, the “lost grape of Bordeaux” that has made an epic comeback in Chile thanks to the varietal’s tart fruit and intriguing hint of spice. Finally, we round out our red blend with the smoky, meaty notes of Syrah and a dash of Petit Verdot to bring both color and an aromatic quality that brings the wine to life from the moment it’s uncapped.


Maipo Valley, Chile

Tasting Notes:

Cherries and black fruits with notes of toffee and dark chocolate

Food Pairings:

The perfect compliment to herb-rubbed lamb chops, chicken mole, charcuterie platter, or sausage-studded BBQ beans.

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Discover a True Original

Discover the vineyards, winemakers and the story of Root: 1 as we journey to Chile to discover an original.

A skillful interplay of power and subtlety, our Heritage Blend brings together Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenère, Syrah, and Petit Verdot to create a red wine that practically vibrates with red and dark fruit, black pepper, dark chocolate, and spice.

Sergio HormazábalHead Winemaker