The Maipo Valley

The Bordeaux of South America

Viticulture area in Maipo Valley, Chile


Just south of Santiago at the northern end of the Central Valley, bordered by the Andes Mountains to the East


150 to 260 meters above sea level


A prolonged dry season brings a coastal influence to the region


Alluvial in formation, the soil is clay on the slopes and sandy loam in the flat areas

Cabernet Sauvignon & Heritage Red

The home of Chilean viticulture, Maipo Valley is known for producing some of the country’s best red wines. The vineyards, located in Coastal Maipo Valley, have a maritime influence similar to Bordeaux. Due to the dry climate of Maipo, late-ripening Cabernet Sauvignon takes advantage of every extra hour of sun. The soil mix of clay on the slopes and sandy loam on the valley floor contributes to producing rich and dense wines that are elegant with mineral undertones.

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