Clean Energy

Root:1 uses solar power, and the large-scale underground gravity cellar generates an even temperature throughout the year without air conditioning or heating.


Water Conservation

The absolute minimum water necessary is used, and 100% of the process water from the winery is reused for irrigation.


Minimal Intervention

Root:1 only uses interventions when necessary to protect the vine. Trichoderma, a natural fungus, is used instead of chemicals to control fungi, and products made from tea and citrus extract control botrytis.


Waste Management 

They reuse 85% of their inorganic materials and 100% of their vineyard waste as fertilizer.


Community Connection

100% of Root:1’s production team comes from local communities in central Chile. They support different projects with the community, including the reconstruction of the “Los Pecesitos” school after the 2010 earthquake.